7 Signs a New Rooftop Chiller Is Right for You

A rooftop chiller is a great way to deal with the heating and cooling needs of your industrial facility or commercial building. Wondering if you should invest in a new chiller, replace your existing HVAC system with a rooftop unit or put a rooftop unit on your new building? Here are some signs that it's the right option.

1. You Want the Flexibility to Add onto Your Cooling Unit

When it comes to putting in a cooling system on a new building, one of the top reasons to choose a rooftop unit over other options is because of the flexibility. With a rooftop chiller, you can easily add onto your unit in the future without a lot of trouble.

If you expand the size of your building or if you start to do more heat intensive activities that require more cooling, you can easily add extra units. You typically don't have that same level of flexibility with an HVAC unit that is located in a room inside.

2. You Want to Preserve Space Inside

On the flip side of the coin, you may simply want to preserve space inside your building. You may want that space for boilers, water heaters or other large units. Alternatively, you may want to use it for storage or for other purposes.

3. You Want to Reduce Noise

A benefit of a rooftop unit is that it insulates the occupants of the building from the noise. In most cases, a rooftop unit is not as noisy and distracting as a unit on the floor outside a building or as a unit in the basement of a building.

If you have a rooftop patio or offices on the top floor, you may be finding your current rooftop chiller too noisy. You are in luck. The newer chiller units are quieter than their older counterparts. That may be a reason to consider replacement.

4. Your Existing Unit Has Been Damaged By Hail

Sometimes the rainy weather changes to hail, and if your rooftop chiller has been pummeled by falling ice, you may want to consider chiller repair. In particular, hail may affect the coils. However, depending on the extent of the damage, you may just want to consider replacing your existing chiller.

5. You Want Greater Efficiency

New chillers are more efficient than older chillers. If you want to save money on electricity, you may want to call a chiller repair or service professional and have them look over your system. Small service techniques such as putting in new filters can help boost efficiency as can larger repairs such as cleaning out ducts or repairing condensers.

However, you may also want to talk with the repair technician about putting in a new system. According to some estimates, a new more efficient system can save you approximately $72,000 or £55,905 per year.

6. You Want to Protect the Unit From Vandalism

Ground floor  cooling units can be exposed to all sorts of vandalism. If you want a unit that is as secure as possible, you may want to opt for a rooftop chiller. As long as access to the roof is limited, as it is with most buildings, the chiller is protected.

7. You Want Easy Access for Repair Technicians

Although a rooftop unit is harder for vandals to access. It can be easier for technicians to work with. Once the repair professional is up on the roof, they can conveniently get around the unit. They don't have to worry about getting into tight corners or squeezing into small spaces.

To learn more about rooftop chillers, contact an expert today.